Our philosophy is simple. We believe that your relationship with jewelry should be one of the most rewarding experiences imaginable. We give our time and attention to each client individually to truly understand their wants in order to excel at delivering the highest possible quality jewelry and service.


We are a private, luxury jewelry concierge.

We meet by appointment with each client in the convenience of your own office, in our Austin office, or in one of our available offices worldwide.

Our services and knowledge of gems and jewelry is unparalleled and always growing. We have an incredible network of sources that allow us access to some of the worlds most rare and unique treasures, giving us the ability to procure one of a kind diamonds and colored gemstones.


our story…

In 1980 Kirk Root resolved to learn the craft of bench jewelry. He immediately set out, opening C. Kirk Root Designs and making a name for himself through innovation and deep client relationships. Setting many "firsts" over the course of 30 years, he sadly succumbed to cancer in 2014.

His passion lives on through his sons who grew up in the business with the same desire as their father. They founded Kirk Root Designs with a subtly different name, and a vibrant vision for how you should interact with jewelry. Kirk Root Designs is a relationship focused company that provides a genuinely unmatched luxury experience.

Here at Kirk Root Designs, we connect you to the perfect piece of jewelry without any compromise. Your needs are satisfied using an extensive and impressive network of diamond and gemstone sources. Due to our specialization in extraordinary and unique gemstones, we deal in articles of fine luxury and exceptional rarity.

Our ideology behind Kirk Root Designs is a direct legacy of Kirk Root himself. The signature designs, original techniques, and approach to customer service is Kirk Root’s life work in action. As Kirk once said,

“We’re in the jewelry business because it’s our passion. Everybody is good at one thing and some people are really good. I want to be really good at one thing: jewelry.”