How it works...

When you sit down with us for your initial one-on-one consultation, we give you our undivided attention as we listen and learn about your unique tastes. Based on what you are looking to create, we may bring in finished jewelry for you to choose from, or we may help design your dream piece from the ground up. No matter your needs, we will tailor your experience to be something that makes your journey through this process as stress-free and relaxed as possible. We will guide you through every option and educate you about selecting the highest quality gemstones and jewelry.


Custom, in every sense of the word.

beyond the status quo…

Most jewelry stores define custom as choosing a diamond and a mounting. Some even allow you to alter prefabricated pieces slightly. Our philosophy is simple; we believe that each client should have the experience and options that are the best for them individually.

Our definition of custom is that the product and experience should both be explicitly tailored to you. When you sit down with us we do not start telling you what you want, we listen. We listen to what you need; what brought you to us in the first place. We answer your questions and decide together on the best way to celebrate your special moment. Even if that means creating something that only exists in your imagination.

We have extensive experience and knowledge in creating unique, entirely custom designed jewelry. If you seek something one of a kind, we have the resources to bring your ideas to life. We can create your piece locally with our jewelers, or with artisans in leading jewery houses nationwide.

“The goal is for the custom piece to stay in families for generations, ideally 100 or more years.”  -Kirk Root